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We have established expertise in Machine learning methods with specific application focus in the following areas:

  1. Pattern recognition, classification, and regression

  2. Predictive analytics in fintech and banking sectors

  3. Dimensionality reduction functionality

  4. Data segmentation and clustering

  5. Application for image processing and feature extraction

Application Maintenance Service Catalog
IT Systems Integration (SI) Service Catalog
Data Analytics Service Catalog

Cloud Consulting, CI/CD

We have established CI/CD practices and have proficiency in 

  1. GitHub

  2. Maven

  3. Jenkins

  4. Selenium

  5. Docker 

We have partnered with Redington India and also a service reseller relation with AWS.

IT Data Governance

We provide concrete steps for integrated and end to end Data strategy including the following

  1. IT processes pertaining to data

  2. Policies that apply to data like data retention, archival etc.

  3. Data standards

  4. Quality of data (degree of structuredness and completeness)

  5. KPIs

  6. Technologies

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