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RF and Microwave expertise help us provide practical solutions in UHF (0.3 to 3 GHZ) and Microwave (1 to 100 GHZ) range. Highly directional antennas like Parabolic reflectors can provide highly directional radiation pattern with high gain at such high frequencies. We get involved in requirements discussion and understanding with our clients where we primarily focus on frequency of operation, gain and directivity requirements. We decide on things like aperture requirements (mouth diameter), antenna feed system (horn or standard dipole) and specific variants of paraboloids (offset reflectors) etc. Before practical deployment, we also tend to get a high-level site inspection done to assess if we can get enough clearance to deploy the antenna assembly. When space is a constraint, modifications of basic paraboloid reflectors (e.g., pillbox shape) is worked out. 

Another point we consider before making a selection is the bandwidth requirement of the antenna. For selecting antennas for application catering to a wide frequency range, we select appropriate variants. Discone antenna is usually considered to get omnidirectional pattern with vertically polarized signal over a very large bandwidth (typically over a 10:1 frequency range). 

Our clients in Telecom infrastructure side often take our help in designing the specification for Yagi-Uda multiband cellular antenna. Only limitation of these type is the moderate gain that these antennas have, but these can be made for broadband application by using a folder dipole as driven element.  

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